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Looking to learn how to cope when it’s all just too much?

My Put Overwhelm in the Bin workshop is going live TOMORROW!

You’ll get:

✨ a 2-hour action-oriented workshop

✨ 3 simple strategies you can start using straight away, anytime, anywhere

✨ a recording of the workshop, so you can go back and watch any part of it again (or catch up on what you missed, if you can’t join live for the whole thing – some folk are arriving late / leaving early / just signing up for the replay – whatever works for you is cool!)

✨ 3 worksheets to give you a quick reminder of each strategy

✨ a LIVE Q&A on each of the strategies, plus another “ask me anything” Q&A at the end

All this for just £47!

Drop a note below, send me a DM, or go straight to the link to sign up: